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contact:    tallermuse@gmail.com
Architecture lAndscApe gArden Art  
MILANO ················ MÁLAGA 

'habemus vanitas' 
Your donations help make possible
Donations for the Vabemus Vanitas fundraiser are available from 6th may 
to 31st may. 2013 

pass it ¡ share it! spread it!
make it happen!  thank you for your support
Your contribution to the beauty of Italian landscape

Sign your name across the history of italian landscape

‘habemus vanitas’ instalation set up in
Rome 2013 ‘festival del verde e del paesaggio’

The 'Commedia del Grand Habemus Vanitas' will be held between Umbria and Tuscany its scenery. Make your contribuition to honor the wonderful and splendid Italian landscape. be part of ‘the great tour’ & make history. With your gift twelve cypresses will be placed between Rome and Milan.

The ’Commedia del grand habemus vanitas’, will be developed between Umbria and Tuscany throughout a splendid landscape dimension in sites such as Tivoli, Torri in Sabina, Viterbo, Bomarzo, Orvieto, Todi, Assisi, Gubbio, Siena, Monteriggioni, San Gimignano, Cerreto Guidi (Vinci).

The project will be documented with records of pictures, films and a book “d’arte”  (meneghino©).
There will be twelve stages of life, twelve landscapes and twelve cypresses for each particular name and superb site:
All donors would be included in our short film and would have access our documentation of the project to if they wish (meneghino©).

Your contribution and donation can be done through:
Online bank transfer. Bank account details:
·         Bank of Architects Spain.          MUÑOZ SEGURA, MANUEL 
·         BIC  CASDESBB
·         IBAN ES65 3183 2900 5100 0118 6024

for more details//for further information read our blog  

The  ‘Commedia’ & the ‘Grand’

The ‘Commedia del Gran habemus Vanitas’ would be developed as a ‘journey’ to those places in the history of art and its landscapes. We would be able to discover and explore them through direct and real experience, which before it could only be known by studying books.
The ‘Grand Tour’ was born in a time in history when old way of thinking was changing together with Enlightenment. This journey gained an extra value by itself due to its particular features and benefits, and besides the only pleasure or a matter of necessity. It was proposed as a unique and main goal, just for the sake of satisfying an awakened curiosity. This new concept spread across Europe by the end of XVI century. It became an exceptional stage of a journey for young European nobility, artists, and high class refined people who started to make / enjoy regularly.
An uncertain itinerant lifestyle was adopted by companies of comedians and satires of the ‘Commedia dell´arte’ very active during the Middle Ages and getting to its highest point during Renaissance. These companies moved from region to region, bringing joy to their squares in towns and their festivals, covering the country of Italy and even arriving to France. Dukes, Counts, Earls supported the grand tour against church prohibition.

 ‘Habemus Vanitas’ Donor e Book
If you wish to be included in ‘Donors Book’ and ‘Habemus Vanitas’ file Donors Book.
We invite you to send an email to: Habemus Vanitas
including your donor registration form and an authorization to use your personal data. Donors who wish to be Anonymus do not need to fill in that form. If you wish to send us your photographs to be included in our digital file

If your donation is more than 50·£·$·€,  and if requested by donor
  • You would receive by postal mail a t-shirt souvenir of the event by (meneghino ©). And a Dvd including the event short film  (meneghino ©) Please, send us your personal details by email to: Habemus Vanitas

If your donation is more than 100·£·$·€ , and if requested by donor
  • You would receive by postal mail, a t-shirt souvenir of the event
(meneghino ©), a “libro d`arte” including event documentation (meneghino ©), and a dvd including the event short film  (meneghino ©),. please, send us your personal details by email to: Habemus Vanitas

Donor Certificate

To whom it may wish we will provide a donor certificate for donations of minimum 1,00€.
This certificate will be sent by request to: Habemus Vanitas, providing your details eventual and dedication please fill in the authorizaton form including to use your personal data, Authorizaton

Address and Information

Secretary of Donors:
tallermuse ·· Málaga · Milan.
HABEMUS VANITAS ROMA 2013 'Green Festival and Landscape'
tel. 0039 3922690695

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